A war to feed Putin’s ego

Feb. 21, 2022

Just when you think that the world couldn’t be more screwed up with continual wars in the Middle East, pandemics, and global warming, one testosterone filled megalomaniac, Putin, has to start a war to feed his desire to bring back the USSR.

When I heard the Russians were bombing the biggest nuclear reactor in Europe, I had to turn off the news to try to keep some semblance of sanity. They started a fire, which was, fortunately for the world, put out, and then they took over the reactor.

To think that thousands of civilians will be killed, and millions displaced, because this one man can make it happen boggles what mind I have left.

But, of course, it isn’t just one man. Millions of Russians had to support Putin at one time or another, just as millions of Americans support his American imitator Trump.

Trump called Putin’s move to attack Ukraine genius. He admires Putin. He would like to be just like Putin—a dictator making money hand over fist by misusing the power of the presidency.

Trump has no more patience with protests against his policies that Putin has. He had no patience with the protests of Geoge Floyd’s killing. His phony righteousness symbolized so well by his holding the Bible upside down. Yet he and his Republican yes-men referred to the awful attempted coup of January 6, 2021, as just another touristy day at the Capitol.

Trump would like to be able to control the press just like Putin does. He’s starting his own social media, and basically FOX is his state media.

March 18, 2022

Good grief, weeks have gone by since I started the blog, and there is no good news. Putin continues his war crimes, and the rest of the world is afraid to stop him for fear of his turning to nuclear arms.

Some Russians would rather believe Putin then their own children in Ukraine, preferring to think Putin is just putting down the wicked Ukrainians who abuse the Russians who live in Ukraine.

Well, some Americans would rather believe that Trump is telling the truth, and really won the election, ignoring the mountain of evidence that Biden won fair and square. What is it about these terrible totalitarian dictators and their “wannabes” that attract people? We can only hope that enough Americans will see the mendacity of Trump and keep him from becoming our first dictator.


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