Is the Die Cast?

The Rubicon has been crossed. But, this time the Senate has aided and abetted the man who would end democracy as we know it. I listened to the evidence presented at the impeachment hearings in the House, and to the abbreviated trial in the Senate, and it is as clear to me as it is to Senator Mitt Romney that Trump put his personal political desires above what was in this country’s best interest. If that is not treason to you, your standards of treason are very low. Trump tried to make the release of military and financial aid to the Ukraine, and a meeting with him by Ukrainian President Zelensky, dependent upon Zelensky announcing the investigation of Joe Biden and his son. If that is not bribery to you, your standards of bribery are very low.

Trump’s attorney, Alan M. Dershowitz, (you know, the guy who got O.J. Simpson off,) argued that if Trump did something to help his campaign (like spreading mud about Joe Biden) it wasn’t wrong because Trump felt that his re-election was in the country’s best interest. And 52 Republican Senators just seemed to agree with this bit of autocratic bovine feces. If Dershowitz’s argument isn’t the definition of an autocrat’s power, I don’t know what is.

I’ve learned to live with pain the last six months or so. My cancer is not active now, no new lesions have shown up, so I’m happy about that. But, the three vertebra that had been attacked developed compression fractures. The fractures were repaired with kyphoplasty, where the damaged tissue is removed and replaced by a type of cement. (See if you want more details.) Unfortunately my eighth thoracic vertebra is still out of alignment and causes me pain. Pain which I treat with a combination of opiates, ibuprofen, and naproxen. But all of that pain is insignificant next to the pain I feel in seeing my country loose its rule of law and thus its democracy.

Since the senate voted as expected, Trump has been crushing the rule of law. One of the witnesses of Trump’s crimes, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, has been summarily fired and marched out of the White House, along with his twin brother (who had nothing to do with the impeachment proceedings.) This, in spite of the clearly written rules against reprisals against whistle blowers and other witnesses. The so-called Attorney General, Bill Barr, Trump’s Consigliere, has tried to lower the prison sentence of Trump’s buddy Roger Stone. When a leader takes the law and bends it to protect his interests and his friends’ interest, and to punish his enemies, he becomes a dictator.  How can anyone with a brain not see this?

The evangelicals’ support of the larcenous, adulterous, fornicating con man is especially baffling. I’m more of a Christian than Donald Trump, and I am agnostic.  Perhaps it is their Idyll that outlawing abortions will reduce the number of abortions, when the evidence shows clearly that the abortion rate is just as high or higher in countries that outlaw abortion as in countries where it is legal. The countries with the highest abortion rates are in South and Central America, where the penalties are the harshest.

What can I do to stop this drift into an autocracy? I cannot join marches or canvass neighborhoods. I cannot drive because I use opiates. I can write. I can encourage all my readers who agree to share this with their friends and neighbors. Our democratic republic is in danger. It is slipping into a banana republic. We must protest. We must overwhelmingly vote out this wanna-be dictator.


5 thoughts on “Is the Die Cast?

  1. karen nelson

    Welcome back Margaret, you have been sorely missed. I am sorry about your health issues and will keep you in my thoughts.
    I am scared to death about what is happening and have not seen us this divided since I was in the Army during the Viet Nam War. Yes, our very democracy is at stake and it is evident that this president has never read the constitution.
    Best to you. Keep fighting and writing please.
    Karen Nelson


  2. Lael Montgomery

    Great thinking & writing, Margaret. Everyone we know is in anguish over what’s happening to the country we knew. I think often of our days in the land use trenches where I guess I began to see what local government looks like when personal career and/or financial ambition replaces public service.


    1. mmliles Post author

      I have a tee shirt with “Make Orwell fiction again”. I wear it with some impunity as I know the majority of Trump supporters will have no idea about what it means.


  3. Jan

    Margaret,so nice to read your words and know you are still politically involved.
    The spinal issues…you will learn to live with it by managing what you decide to put your spine through everyday. Then taking the time to rest your spine a day..aka recover from use. I use RX tramadol for pain.then I use hemp oil from cbd…I’ve tried it but like hemp water,and heat pads…hurt most during rainy wet weather. I hangout in the covers and read or hit my tablet. The current man in the white house has to go. I agree 100% However WE need to educate the young that voting is serious. This is what happens when people think it’s a funny reality tv show.Most have NO clue of our country’s past wrongs. I’ve learned this by listening to young friends and the parents of these teenagers. The question…why are we learning History almost knocked me out I heard it so many times. Fortunate I had educated parents..I loved the news, friends were watching cartoons. I took it upon myself to make sure my children and their children know why we learn history. Why we respect the right to vote ,responsibility of the vote,how misuse of your right to vote in our leaders or not vote at all makes our Democracy weak. It’s as serious as your paycheck,your health and our lives. Every right we believe we are owed as a right we could loose with the wrong people in control of the government. Stop teaching the lies…George tossed a coin over the Potomac…Lincoln chopped down the cherry tree….teach truth and live by the truth. Learn everything you can about the people running for office. Remember that person could control your life,your child’s life…..take it seriously. Hope you can get some relief soon Margaret.



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