ECCHO’s Shills for Developers



About a year ago, I wrote about the agreement that the city had reached with the current owner of what was the Escondido Country Club.

At the time I wondered if the ECCHO folks would “think any better of Olga Diaz who recognized the reality of the no-win situation between the City and Schlesinger, and tried her best to reduce the financial damage to the city? Will they now understand that Abed’s main interest from the start was his campaign for Mayor, and tried to make them feel that he was on their side, while all the time calculating his political situation.” I concluded “No, I think they will continue with their pipe dream of a new golf course, at whatever expense to Escondido it takes. Meanwhile the City will process any application. Bet any such application will include over 250 homes, and no golf course.” Turns out I was correct in my forecast.”

But, I did not think their animosity would continue to the point where they would campaign against Diaz. But that’s what they’re doing: . Why aren’t they just as mad at Mayor Sam Abed—he voted for the agreement after stringing them along for a year or two. It is his handpicked tool, Joe Garcia, who is running against Diaz in district three. Garcia will do whatever Abed and his other crony capitalists on the City Council decide is in the best interests of the building industry, including voting for the awful Safari Highlands Ranch that only Diaz voted against. A development that would destroy unique and rare native habitat, which seems to me much more egregious than building homes on a golf-course gone to weed.

But, evidently, consistency isn’t important to the ECCHO folks, all they care about is their own pipedream of a restored golf course, regardless of what effect it will have on the entire city. I wrote about the hypocrisy of ECCHO people before, .

But, when I learned that Ken Lounsbury who heads the go-to law firm for developers to get their projects passed by the Escondido City Council has been blessing ECCHO’s efforts, it all began to make sense. There’s nothing Lounsbury, the City Council male majority, and all the rest of the good ole boy crony capitalist mob would like better than to get rid of the one voice on the council who objected to waiving developer impact fees by the millions, passing the cost of infrastructure needed for new development onto the taxpayers. That one voice for taxpayers is Olga Diaz.

Members of ECCHO wise up!!!  You are being shills for the developers. If you think getting Garcia elected will somehow return your beloved golf course, you are living in a fantasyland. You have been treated like dirt by a developer, now you’re cleaning up the dirt for other developers.




6 thoughts on “ECCHO’s Shills for Developers

  1. Sid colquitt

    Yes, well said, but isn’t Ken Lounsberry assisting ECCHO in it’s effort to preserve the property as open space or to at the very least to develope the land upon it’s own terms? That does not seem to square with developer community’s objectives.


    1. mmliles Post author

      I’m sure that was Lounsberry’s original intent, even though it broke with every precedent his firm had historically set. But that is not a possibility at this time. So why would he encourage them to vote against Olga, even though the City has settled with Stuck in the Rough? Why would they support Abed’s candidate even though Abed had led them down the garden path?



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