Moore’s actual quote

I was glad to find that Jose Fragozo had kept the write-up in the UT about the candidate forum, and glad to see that my memory is not completely off base. Here is the actual quote and response by Marty Hranek.

Responding to a question about how to improve morale in the district, Moore said he understands how people feel because of the budget situation, but “quite personally, I have to tell you, I’m in control of one person’s morale, and that’s mine. I don’t control other people’s.”

Moore’s comment sparked a mocking response from Hranek.

“‘I only control my morale?'” he said. “That’s it? As a governing board member of a school district of 900 teachers? I think that is ridiculous. I think to say that is really saying, ‘You know what, I’m up here and you’re down there.'”


3 thoughts on “Moore’s actual quote

    1. Karen Nelson

      Normally I totally agree with your column but I have known the Moore’ for over 30 years, first as a parent, volunteer at Del Dios for 4 years and lately as a dear friend. Royce and his wife are the epitome of top notch educators, administrators and people who put children and teachers first. Royce’s remarks were misunderstood by people that do not appreciate him. When it comes right down to it we can only control ourselves.
      I hope when the truth comes out about this latest fiasco the public will show more understanding.



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