Sewage Service & Other Unsavory Deals


I have written before about the proposed Eden Valley development of some 326 homes just north of the new development of Harmony Grove Village. . That development, named Valiano, became a little more likely after the December 9, 2015, City Council action. Mayor Sam Abed, and City Councilmen Mike Morasco, John Masson, and Ed Gallo all voted to approve a Valiano Sewer Facilities Development memorandum of understanding and Traffic Mitigation Funding Agreement. (Councilwoman Olga Diaz was absent) You can read this MOU at: .

As I noted before, this Valiano project, if approved, will break the promises made by the County to residents in the area. The City will provide sewer service to the project for approximately $1.7 million. The developers of Valiano, Integral Communities, will also reconstruct the Sewer Pump Station No. 12, and the new pipes it will require. The reason for this is that the “Developer wishes to avoid constructing an onsite wastewater treatment plant and disposal facilities in conjunction with the Project.” The developer has also agreed to provide a 5.5 million gallon wet weather storage facility. This, theoretically, would avoid the occasional overflow of the secondarily treated sewage into the Escondido Creek. Such overflows have occurred before, incurring major fines to the City. This facility will be on the site of the development. It is treated sewage, but not sure that fact will make it more appealing to the current residents. They’re not particularly enthusiastic about the project. See: .

The developer also agreed to make improvements to Country Club Drive and contribute $250,000 to the “eventual completion of Citracado Parkway.”

There is an escape clause: “If the County does not approve the Project Entitlements, or the City is not able to enter into a sewer service agreement with the County on terms acceptable to the City, then the Parties agree that neither Party is bound by this MOU.” We can only hope that will be the case.

I’ve written earlier blogs that go into the whole sordid history of the area, including the attempt by New Urban West to obtain similar sewer service for Harmony Grove Village, so if you’re interested:



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